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Q. What’s the best time to plan your travels to Fukuoka?

Faretrolley advises that you should plan your trip to Fukuoka from March to May for the Cherry blossom season and from September to November for fall foliage viewing and various other activities, the city has to offer. The summers in Fukuoka are the hottest and busiest months of the year.

Q. When is a good time to book flight tickets to Fukuoka?

Faretrolley suggests that you book your flight for Fukuoka at least three to four weeks before your scheduled departure.

Q. Which airlines offer the cheapest airfares on flights to Fukuoka?

United Airlines is the cheapest airline option to fly to Fukuoka.

Q. What is the main airport in Fukuoka?

The main airport of Fukuoka is Fukuoka Airport.

Q. What are the nearby airport options to reach Fukuoka?

The nearby airports to reach Fukuoka are:

  • Saga Airport
  • Nagasaki Airport
  • Oita Airport

Q. What are the major attractions of Fukuoka that Faretrolley highly recommends?

  • Ohori Park
  • Kyushu National Museum
  • Marine World Uminonakamichi
  • Hakozaki Shrine
  • Tocho-Ji

Q. What are the top airlines available on Faretrolley to fly to Fukuoka?

The major airlines that fly to Fukuoka are:

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