FareObuddy Terms & Conditions – General

FareObuddy welcomes you to its Website - FareObuddy.com includes its mobile, desktop, and mobile application or any feature available on FareObuddy (collectively known as 'Website). We have designed the Website to be user-friendly, impart information, and it is secured for use. Our Website assists you in imparting travel information and delivers travel-related services, make travel bookings, or transactions with travel suppliers that are enlisted on our Website. FareObuddy is designed for personal and non-commercial usage. Hereby, terms like we, us, our or 'FareObuddy' refer to FareObuddy. The terms like "you" or "your" refer to the user of FareObuddy.

We present the Website to you under the condition that you have accepted it without any modification in the terms, conditions, and notices mentioned below. This is collectively known as the 'Terms' or 'Agreement'. Under the Agreement, we have described the terms and conditions applicable to the services available through our Website and have all the details regarding your responsibilities as a user of FareObuddy and limits our and third-party suppliers' liability. Our suppliers include any kind of services that are availed via FareObuddy.com. We hereby, refer our third-party suppliers as 'Travel Service Providers'. You must go through our Terms & Conditions very carefully as they have all the information regarding the bookings made by you. You must also check FareObuddy's Privacy Policy to understand the use of our Website and how it is incorporated in the Agreement.

When you use our Website to book a travel service or product, or by reaching out to our call center agents, you agree to the terms of this Agreement. All the terms and conditions mentioned apply to you, and if you have any issues with the Terms, we request you to stop your use of our Website. FareObuddy reserves the right to modify and amend the Agreement and post the new terms at any time. So we advise you to keep a regular check on this page during your booking or every time you visit the website. The amended Terms will be effective from the day of posting. Our website targets to the residents of the USA, and the terms of this Agreement apply to the residents of the aforementioned areas. Under this Agreement, we determine your IP address to identify if you are located anywhere in this region.


Use Of FareObuddy Website

There are certain conditions that you are required to fulfill to use our Website or book with us through our travel agents. So you must guarantee that:

  • Your age is 18 or above.
  • You have the legal authority to engage in a legal contract with us
  • You will use FareObuddy according to the terms of Agreement
  • You will make authentic bookings for your personal use or on someone's behalf who has authorized you on legal-basis
  • If you are acting on someone else's behalf, you have to make sure that at your end you are ensuring that they are aware of the terms of this Agreement
  • Additionally, also make sure that the information shared by you is up-to-date, true and right
  • If you create an account on FareObuddy.com, you can safeguard it and our agents will supervise the process to make sure that your account is used for the right purpose by you and nobody else.

FareObuddy holds the right to deny any individual access to our Website or services for any reason we consider valid. This includes but does not limit to violation of terms of this Agreement.

Resolution Of Disputes

Under this Agreement, you agree that FareObuddy will be allowed to resolve a dispute or a claim when you deal with our customer care agents. This dispute might arise because of issues with the service that we make or issue with Privacy Policy by reaching out to our customer care number 1-631-309-0576 or writing to us on support@fareobuddy.com. In case we are unable to resolve the Claims within 60-days, you can seek redress via arbitration.

Governing Law; Submission to Jurisdiction

Terms and our rights along with the third parties' are under the governing laws of the State of New Jersey, USA. If not mentioned otherwise, it is decided and mutually agreed upon by both the parties that in case of a Mandatory Arbitration it will undergo in an exclusive jurisdiction of New Jersey court. As a user, you have given FareObuddy the consent to decide this. Unless mentioned differently, you must bring any Claims to our notice within 6-months of the date of booking.

Mandatory Arbitration

Any claims that are filed will be resolved via arbitration which is initiated by the American Arbitration Association (AAA). With that, you must assert the Claims on ab individual basis in small claims court in New Jersey. If your claims are qualified as per the rules of small claims court, they are stated by it. This is inclusive of claims asserted on FareObuddy, any of our subsidiaries and our affiliates. This includes our travel suppliers or companies linked to us. This also means that any Claims that arise before your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions, even though the previous version required changes. FareObuddy can assert claims against you at the small claims court. There will be no judges in the agreement or the court will be required for a review of the agreement. But being a user of FareObuddy, you can the arbiter and award the same or similar damages which include statutory damages, attorney’s fees, and costs that a court follows to enforce these Terms. You have the choice to conduct the arbitration over the phone or be physically present in the state where our office is located or any other location which is mutually agreed upon.

To begin the process of arbitration, you must send a letter of request for the same which entails the details of your Claims to our legal team. In case we request for arbitration against you, we will give you complete details with a notice at the email address shared by you. You are requested to read the AAA's instructions available at www.adr.org or reach out to them on 1-631-309-0576 for better understanding.

If any proceedings aim at resolving the Claims, they will be conducted on an individual basis and not the form of a class action or consolidated action. Under any particular circumstances, in case a Claim proceeds in the court instead of in arbitration, FareObuddy waives your right to a jury trial. Resolution of disputes must resolve the claims stated against FareObuddy. Any Claim filed which is not resolved by Resolution of Disputes is deemed as inadequately filed or void.

Travel Information - General

FareObuddy provides you with all the information linked to your travel plans, itinerary, and Terms after you make the booking. This information also includes the details of destination, affordable packages, and your flight schedule.

This information is given to us through our third-party suppliers which include airlines, tour operators, and other providers. We have taken all the steps to make sure that the information we share with you is accurate and current. But if it is not, we do not have any responsibility for the same and have no liability in such a case. You must also understand that all the information displayed on our website is subject to change without prior notice. Also, the services offered by us are subject to availability. As a user of FareObuddy, you understand all the legal needs of traveling include passport, visa, health insurance, and will supply us with the same to complete your booking. We are simply service providers and are here to assist you with the process through our desktop or mobile website and our customer support team. The end responsibility to get all the information accurate and to carry all the documents needed remains solely on you.

For other Terms of bookings and Services availed on FareObuddy, you are required to read all the Terms mentioned here carefully. In case you make a flight booking with us, you must make sure that you have gone through the terms of the airlines on their website. Also, ensure that you abide by all of their terms and conditions. The airfare that you book can only be guaranteed after you make a purchase and complete the transaction. Post this process, we will issue a ticket provided to us by the supplier. Sometimes the airline may change their prices without informing us and these changes are not dependent on us. We as a travel agency have the right to cancel the booking if we do not receive your payment by the date of allocation. If your flight itinerary has more than one airline supplier then you must go through the terms and conditions of both the airlines. These terms are easily accessible on the airline's website. Every airline has a different set of rules and restrictions on their fee and charges. So if your flight is affected due to a change (canceled or rescheduled) that the airline made which further results in a change to your other flight, you are the person responsible for the same. In such a scenario, you will have to bear the cost of the fees or buy new tickets for the unaffected flight. Usually, the airline charges a fee for making a change, refund, or exchange, and that cost is borne by you. You are required to comply with the terms of your airline and all the rules differ from airline to airline. You must carry your outbound and return tickets with the confirmation mail with you at all times during your travel. The airline authorities may ask you to show proof of your return tickets at the time of check-in. FareObuddy recommends that you book a combination of two one-way tickets instead of purchasing one round-trip.

We recommend this because when you book in a combination of two one-way tickets, we can offer you better flexibility and more choices of flights. These flights are usually cheaper if booked on different airlines as compared to the ones booked on the same airline. The terms of a combination of a one-way flight are different from the round-trip flight. The one-way flights are subject to their set terms and conditions. So if there is a change in your first flight leading to a delay in the other flight, as a customer you will be required to pay the applicable charges. In such a scenario, FareObuddy holds no responsibility for the same. The prices displayed on our website for low-cost carriers are converted from a different currency to USD. We do this for your convenience. Due to the conversion, you pay us an estimated (and not exact) value of the ticket purchased, and there might be an off-chance that the amount paid varies due to currency fluctuation. When you receive your e-tickets, you might have to bear an additional fee on your credit card as a transaction fee for paying in a different currency and country. When you make an international purchase, there are applicable taxes by levied by your bank.

FareObuddy Terms & Conditions – Flights

International Travel(s)

During your international travel, the provisions of the Montreal Convention are applicable to the countries of departure and your destination. The Convention usually limits the liability of the airline supplier for death or any personal injury of the passengers. As a passenger, you must make sure that you have all the documents required to make an entry in the foreign land. These documents include passport, visa (business, tourist, or transit) and you are able to present these documents at any time when the government asks for it. When you want to enter a foreign land, there are several responsibilities that you must meet and we cannot be held responsible if you fail to accomplish them. You are required to go through all the prohibitions, warnings, and announcements that are issued by the government before you reach the destination country.

Visa and Passport

You must make sure that you consult the designated Embassy and confirm the visa and passport information prior to traveling. We may suggest the requirements but those might change at any time, so you must have the updated information from the Embassy before confirming your tickets with us. FareObuddy cannot be held responsible if you are not allowed to travel in the flight as you were unable to provide the required travel documents (eg., correct passport, visa, or any other predefined required documents.) The authorities, the airline, or the country (including transit) may ask for them at any point in time and you must present them. This includes any stop made by the aircraft even if you don't leave the airport premises.


We advise you to check on the necessary vaccinations to travel to a particular country. These vaccines may change at any time, so you must keep a check on the updated information. You are required to consult the doctor before you depart to your destination country. You must make sure that you are adhering to all the health requirements and take the necessary vaccination, medication, and right medical procedure for your travel.


Most of the airlines have the authority and right to disinfect in case they perceive a doubt of threat to public health or the environment. The disinfectants used are approved by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the International Civil Aviation Organization and includes:
1. Spray aerosolized insecticide while the passengers are on the board.
2. Prior to passenger boarding, treat aircraft's surfaces with residual insecticide.

When FareObuddy books for a travel for you to an international destination, we don't represent the country or give any guarantee that that it is safe to travel to that part of the world or it involves no risks. We are not liable for any damage or loss that you may face as a result of traveling to that particular destination.

All the airlines have different policies for their baggage allowance, fee, and restrictions. FareObuddy tries its best to display the most current baggage allowance policy and follows the airline's website to extract the details but we cannot guarantee that the information is up to date. That's why we recommend that you must verify these details on the airline's website directly or call them before your scheduled departure. Also, the baggage fee is not included in the trip cost.

Baggage Protection Policy

  • The Baggage Protection service of FareObuddy is provided by Blue Ribbon Bags (BRB).
  • When you avail of the BRB Baggage Protection service, in the event of a misplaced or mishandled checked-in bag, they track it on your behalf.
  • Once your bag is located, they speed up the process and return your bag within 96 hours from the arrival time of your flight to the final destination.
  • The BRB baggage protection offers $1,000 per person if your checked bag is lost.
  • The reimbursement amount of up to $1,000 is made to your chosen mode of payment.
  • The baggage protection service on FareObuddy is available on all the flights, every airline & destination listed on FareObuddy.com.
  • BRB sends regular updates regarding your mishandled luggage to your registered email ID to make it convenient for you.
  • If you opt for BRB protection, you are not required to present the proof of details of the bag if it is misplaced or mishandled by the agency.
  • If the deadline of 96 hours is not met, and BRB cannot locate your mishandled luggage, then the reimbursement is initiated as per your opted plan.

What do you have to do if your baggage is lost?

  • You have to report that you lost your luggage to FareObuddy & BRB within 24 hours of your landing.
  • To report the lost baggage, file a Mishandled Baggage Report on the BRB website or call them on 888-224-4243.

NOTE: You need to claim the lost baggage with the airline before reporting it to us and BRB.


There are different check-in rules followed by the different airline providers. You are required to verify the requirements of the check-in process before making a booking. FareObuddy advises that you follow the given check-in schedule:

For a domestic flight, a minimum of 90 minutes before scheduled departure
For an international flight, a minimum of 3 hours scheduled departure.

Airline Schedule Change

Sometimes there are changes in the flight schedule that occur due to reasons like bad weather, mechanical or crew issues, or civil unrest. This includes a change to the original flight from a direct one to a one-stop or a connecting itinerary. In such scenarios, the changes are initiated by the airline directly, and FareObuddy holds no responsibility for the same.

If the schedule change includes a cancellation, then we will notify our customers by calling them and sending across an email that will assist you with other options and choose one depending upon the airlines' guidelines. In some cases, the airline does not inform us of the changes or the cancellation in advance. For the same reason, you must reach out to the airline's customer service team to confirm your flight schedule. You must make this call at least 72-hours before the departure time and this will protect you against a missed flight.

In case of a schedule change, the airline helps you with the available recourse, and it is their final authority to provide an alternative flight option. Once you check-in for your flight, it is the airline's responsibility to handle your booking. So, in case of any cancellations, delays, change of schedule, or rebooking of your flight is done by the airline. In such cases, we can only guide you with the procedure; final recourse is taken by the airline. In case you do not have an update of the change in schedule, or cancellation 24-hour before the time of departure, you or you have already reached the airport, we advise you coordinate with the airline staff and get to know more about your available options. During such a time, the airline is your best source of information and will deliver the best advice to you. In incidents like bad weather, you have limited options.

Overbooking of Flights

There are situations under which a flight might be overbooked. In cases like this, different airlines have different rules. You can read about these under the airline's contract of carriage. If you want to know more about this, you can reach out to FareObuddy travel experts or the airline for further details.


Our prices mentioned on FareObuddy.com are subject to change at any time without prior notice. The fare that we offer is guaranteed after you have purchased the ticket, and we have issued a PNR to you. The airlines change their prices at any time without giving any advance information

Once you submit the payment details, we will share an email of Booking Confirmation from us. This email includes the booking reference number, your travel itinerary, and your e-ticket. In case you do not receive the confirmation then the booking is not complete, and when we issue the ticket, the fare might have changed.

We will inform you in case of a price change before making the bookings and under no circumstances, there will be any changes on your travel ticket once they are issued.

All the prices on FareObuddy are in USD. FareObuddy has the right to cancel the booking if we do not receive the complete payment within the stipulated time frame. The amount which is mentioned in the confirmation email has to be fully utilized in the same sequence as that of the flight segment. If you make improper use of the tickets, your trip may get canceled.

Cancellations and Refunds

Please know that any bookings made on FareObuddy are non-refundable, if not specified otherwise. In case you want to cancel the bookings, you should reach out to our customer care desk at 1-631-309-0576 or email us at support@fareobuddy.com and we will be happy to help you with the cancellation process. In case of a refundable cancellation, it is subject to an administrative cancellation fee according to the charges mentioned in our Post-ticketing Fees and additional charges by the airline or other travel service providers.

For us to process your refund request, it is subject to the airline's rules and procedures. We can process your refund only after the airline approves the refund request; and once processed, we will send it back to your original payment method. After we initiate your request for cancellation we start with the process by sending an email notification to make sure that your request in progress. For this whole process, we deduct the service fee applied to the booking request and return the balance amount. Being a travel agency, we depend on the suppliers to process the refund. Once we receive the amount from the supplier, we may take some additional time to process the refund and for it to reflect on your credit card. This whole process sometimes may take up to 60-90 days from the day we received the cancellation request.

You may notice an additional fee or a fare difference by the supplier which will be added to the cost of your booking. Once we make a booking on your behalf, we cannot allow name changes and if you want to make any such changes post the booking is complete, you will have to incur extra charges. Read more about this in detail on our Taxes & Fees document. To avoid such charges, you must verify all the spelling/ names of the passengers before you confirming your booking.

Contact Center Booking Service Fee

When you make a booking through our contact center (including a complex multi/stop and roundtrip booking), we might levy a service fee higher than our online booking fee. This fee ranges from $10 to $200 per passenger by our agents.

Important Note: Service fee is included in the taxes, and YOU HAVE TO PAY THE FINAL PRICE AS QUOTED REGARDLESS OF ANY CHANGES MADE IN OUR SERVICE FEE. Please review the final booking amount carefully before confirming the final bookings.

Payment and Flight Information with Confirmation

Credit card companies usually charge a particular fee when you make an international transaction. This is known as 'International Transaction'. It will be displayed on your credit card statement in the local currency and explains why there is a difference in the billing amount as compared to the one reflected on the payment page. When you book with FareObuddy, you should consider making the booking with an international card company as we transfer your payment to our suppliers. Once transacted, your credit card company decides on the exchange rate and the transaction fee on the day of booking. In case of any discrepancies, please reach put to them and question them for the fee that they levy and what is the exchange rate they charge on your transaction. FareObuddy has no responsibility regarding the same.

Special Request: Seats, Meals and Frequent Flyer

If you make a request for a special seat, meal; or frequent flyer miles; we will consider that as a request only. We as service providers cannot guarantee that the same requests will be provided to you. The airlines hold the exclusive right to make any kind of changes to your allocated seats and do not guarantee an advance notification. Even if we allocate the request, it is your responsibility to confirm the same with the airline and we hold no guarantee that you will be assigned the requested seats. We do not promise that you will be served with a meal, frequent flyer program, or any other special request provided by the airline.

Suitability of Travel Services

FareObuddy offers a variety of services but we do not endorse that these services are suitable for you. So any claims that concern the risks of a travel service does not bind us. These services are enlisted on our website.

Unaccompanied Minors

As a policy, an unaccompanied minor is not allowed to make a reservation on FareObuddy. An individual below the age of 16 is a minor. Every airline has a different set of policies for minors, and a few do not allow them to fly without an adult. Some do allow them to fly but only on non-stop flights. Few airlines also charge an additional fee at check-in for an unaccompanied minor. To know more, please get in touch with the respective airline and confirm their policies regarding the same.

Credit Card Chargeback

As a customer, you can dispute travel charges applied with your credit card company. In case of any queries for a charge applied, we request you to reach out to FareObuddy first and then dispute the claim with the credit card company. Once we revert with a resolution and clear the disputed charges you can check with your credit card company. In case the dispute of chargeback is incorrectly filed, FareObuddy can cancel your bookings as a remedy.

When making a booking with us as your Service Providers, you accept and agree to our cancellation policy automatically. All the special offers, discounts, coupon code, etc published on the Website are not eligible in the cancellation policy. A chargeback is levied in case of an improper charge. We have the right to investigate the claims and recover the cost from you for an incorrect claim. To verify the claims, we may use our call recordings including the service call to dispute the claim.

FareObuddy Terms & Conditions - Hotel Reservations

The photos and information enlisted on FareObuddy.com for the hotels, their amenities, and products are shared by the supplier. We hold no responsibility for any changes as a result of an old or misrepresenting update provided by the supplier. Special features like smoking/ non-smoking, lake-view/ garden view, etc. are made on a request basis and cannot be guaranteed. Although hotels usually honor the requests made, we cannot guarantee that you will get the special request made.

Some fares quoted require special membership like Corporate, government, AAA, or ARP. Offers under these rates will require their designated members to be available at the time of check-in to prove your eligibility. But the hotels are not under any obligation to honor the special rates if you are unable to qualify for them or do not have the identification proof for the same. FareObuddy or the hotel supplier will not be in a place to issue a refund for the unused room or nights because of an early check-out. Some hotel suppliers offer an additional service of the airport shuttle. To avail the same, you must reach out to the hotel directly and confirm its availability along with the price details. A few hotels also have an offer for a Booking Bonus for free services like tours, breakfast, and more. Please check with them for the services and their availability as they are under the hotel's discretion and not us.

Pet Policy:

You must check directly with the hotel and confirm if they allow pets on their property. FareObuddy holds no responsibility for the hotel's pet policy and its fee or pet restrictions. Every hotel has a different policy for different types, size, and breed of the pet.

Pre-Paid Reservations:

The pre-paid reservations are usually charged on your credit card when you make a booking. This charge includes only the base amount for the room reservation. It is exclusive of the resort fee, energy surcharges, any cleaning fee, or mini bar. These additional charges include meals, movies, games, parking, or a phone call and are applied to incidentals daily.

Pre-Paid Booking Vouchers:

Some hotels ask for a voucher when you check-in. In such cases, FareObuddy will provide you with the voucher to share with the hotel authorities. You will receive your hotel confirmation in the same email that you receive from us. Please carry a printed copy of the same with you at the time of check-in.


We make your meal arrangement as selected by you during the booking process. If you book a hotel that offers all the meals and you pay for the same provision at the booking time, you will receive all the meals accordingly. You may opt for an apartment that offers the option to cook yourself or arrange your meals.

Meals usually have the following abbreviations:

Room Only (RO): No meals included in the booking price paid for the accommodation.

Self-Catering (SC): No meals included in the booking price paid. But you have the option to self-cater and cook meals for yourself.

Bed & Breakfast (B&B): Your breakfast included in the booking price paid by you.

Half Board (HB): Your breakfast with the evening meal included in the booking amount paid by you. You can opt for lunch and replace breakfast. The hotel confirms the availability of the same once you arrive.

Full Board (FB): The breakfast, lunch, and evening meals served in the booking amount paid by you.

All-Inclusive (AI): All the meals and every locally produced drink included in the package. You can avail of entertainment facilities and some non-motorized water sports offered by the hotel.

If there is a request to change/ cancel the booking; it must escalate to us by calling our customer care number - 1-631-309-0576.

No-Show Policy:

A no-show is when you do not show at the check-in desk of the hotel without informing them in advance. In case of no check-in on the reservation made, you must contact the hotel. Post that, it is up to them to charge you with a penalty or forfeit your deposited amount.

Hotel Confirmation:

Hotels take up to 24-hours to issue the vouchers and confirm your booking. The process of booking initiates after you make the booking on FareObuddy. Once you receive a booking confirmation email from us, our travel experts will start the reservation details with the hotel and we will further share the confirmation after we receive it from them. Our confirmation email entails the booking reference number, your booking itinerary, and the additional services you have booked with us. If you do not receive the confirmation email from us, please call us and inform our support team and write to us on support@fareobuddy.com. We also suggest that you call the hotel and confirm your bookings 24-hours before check-in.

The hotel does not receive the details 72-hours before the time of check-in. If your reservation is secure and guaranteed, you will receive our final confirmation that entails your booking voucher. We recommend that you call the hotel check-in desk three days before your arrival and confirm the details.

Hotel Changes, Cancellations, and Refunds

If there are any changes or cancellations, you must reach out to us by calling our customer care number at 1-631-309-0576 or email us at support@fareobuddy.com. We know that there are times when plans change, and you have to cancel so have enlisted the policies applicable in such cases:

• When there is a high-demand or a peak season e.g. Super Bowl or Olympics or during the Christmas and New Year's Eve. The policies during these times the policies change so, you must contact them and ask for the reformed policies and details.

• If you request a cancellation or modification then it is subject to availability. On canceling, FareObuddy also levies its cancellation charges added to hotel charges.

• In case there is a change of date, reduce the number of rooms or amendments with the booking, it is subject to a fee based on the policies of the hotel.

• No property issues credit for unused rooms or nights as a result of early departure.

• If you need an extended stay, please make a new reservation, and the price cannot guarantee the original booking rate.

• Any refund that issued for an early departure or no-show is on FareObuddy and supplier discretion

• We have the right to ask for cover charges for all the probable losses or costs and damage charges along with expenses incurred by us due to a cancellation made by you.

You must call FareObuddy if you face any issues in check-in or check out.

Payment, Taxes, and Fees

Along with this, to facilitate hotel booking, your credit or debit card may be charged with additional taxes and fees. The charges are for an approximate account required to recover the amount that we pay to the hotel and confirm your booking. Taxes owed by the hotel without limitations under sales, occupancy, room tax, and VAT. Few destinations impose a government tax that cannot be directly paid to the authorities and must be collected by the government. This tax varies from the amount that we charge you. We retain the balance of taxes and fees as compensation to serve you; and it includes our profit on booking for you.

For any new reservation, FareObuddy charges booking service fees - up to $35 depending upon hotel category.

Hotel Rating

Service Fee

> 2 **




4 ****


5 *****


For any kind of changes or cancellations or refunds of a hotel reservation, FareObuddy service fee will remain non-refundable in addition to any charges levied by the hotel as a penalty fee for cancellation.

FareObuddy does not collect or remit taxes to be paid to the taxing authorities. The suppliers enlisted with us are the vendors and apply the taxes which are billed to us and paid to them directly. We are not their co-vendors or have any association with them even if we reserve your bookings with them. The taxes and the rates that we levy change depending on the location of booking made. For a transaction on a hotel located in a certain jurisdiction, we charge your credit or debit card with payment of taxes to be collected and remitted to the location's jurisdiction as taxes owed on the amount we retain for providing our services.

Currency conversion based on approximate exchange rates, and when you make the bookings, it is used as an approximate guide and not the exact amount. The applicable tax rates are dependent on room charges. The hotels collect payments per night per room basis; and are accessed regularly by the guest. The incidentals collected include meals, movies, games, parking, and phone calls.

Source of Inventory

As a booking agent, we do not bear responsibility for any errors except an error made by us. The Terms & Conditions are governed under US law. Unless the hotel supplier states their contract is governed by the law of some other country or the country where you are availing the services, US law prevails in case a dispute arises. In such a case, you will deal with the New Jersey Court. If a dispute arises regarding the booking made by FareObuddy, it will be dealt with according to the Terms of this Agreement in New Jersey Court.

Cancellation of Hotel and Its Terms

To request cancellation or alteration of the booking made, you should write to us on support@fareobuddy.com. We will consider the request only when we receive an email that states your request and then initiate the process after your acceptance to the mentioned Terms & Conditions. In case you have booked a non-refundable hotel, our sales agent will inform you while making your booking.

Intellectual Property

FareObuddy.com, our software, the graphics, the design, layout, and content published on it are owned or licensed by FareObuddy. As a user or visitor, we allow you to view or use the content via a browser. Any other use like a copy, sell, distribute, repost, modify, or reuse is strictly prohibited.
If you attempt to do so, it is a breach of Agreement, and we may ban you from using our Website. Only we have the right, license, and permission to use our Intellectual Property.

Prohibited Activity

You must use FareObuddy responsibly. All the information and content provided is the proprietary to us or our authorized sellers. You can make copies of the travel itinerary but agree that you will not use it or our software and services otherwise.

You agree to not to:
• Initiate an inquiry which is a fraud or false; or book based on an anticipated demand;
• Use any robot, spider, scraper or an automated or manual process to monitor, access or copy our content or information without a consent from us;
• Share false, misleading or incorrect information with us or on the Website;
• Make a booking without the intention to use it
• Make use of someone else' name, the user ID or password to inquire without their consent;
• Post unlawful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, libelous, indecent, pornographic, inflammatory or material on FareObuddy resulting in a civil or criminal proceeding;
• Impair or negatively impact the proper functionality of FareObuddy, or impact our users;
• Tamper with our operations or make unauthorized modifications on the Website;
• Delete our data without our permission;
• Transmit any virus, malware or disability features on our website;
• Frame FareObuddy.com to benefit other website or cache our it for commercial or personal gain or to advantage a competitor;
• Falsify the origin IP address to use our Website;
• Allow someone to do any of the above-mentioned acts.

We reserve the right to end your access from our Website if you violate any of the prohibitions. If we apply a restriction or termination, you must cease the use of FareObuddy immediately. If you attempt to use our Website after that, we consider it a violation and shall constitute it as an act of trespassing. Then we can take legal action against the one we believe is in breach of these prohibitions.


You must agree to indemnify FareObuddy, our suppliers, agents, directors, employees for losses, damages, claims, demands, recoveries, fines, penalties, or other costs. It includes but not limits reasonable legal or accounting fees brought to us by a third party due to:
• Violation of our terms and conditions;
• Breach of law or third-party right;
• Use of FareObuddy


In case there is a dispute between you and our supplier (airlines, cruise lines, tour operators) for non-delivery of services offered by suppliers, you release us (and our employees) from any claims, demands and/or damages caused.

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We, our suppliers, and distributors have no responsibility for injury, loss, claim, damage, or any special, punitive, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages that may be levied on you. It also includes the loss of profits depending on the contract even if advised as a possibility of damage.

Our supplier will not pay you an amount that exceeds the total charges paid by you for the itinerary booked. If you wish to raise a claim or raise an action related to the use of our website or services booked through us, raise it within 6-months from the time of booking. We are travel agents and we promote, sell, and accept bookings for our suppliers including airlines and our employees are only responsible for damages to the maximum extent as per the law. This includes your inability to access the Website or services that are offered and sold by us.

You must not include any words in your Submissions that do not fall in-sync with moral rights. You agree hereby agree that you don't have an objection with FareObuddy publishing, using, modifying, deleting your Submissions. We are not liable for the content of your Submissions. As written above, we are not obligated to post your comments and can determine what to publish and what not. If you don't agree with these Terms, please do not make a Submissions on our Website.

You are responsible for the content been posted by you includes your reviews. You prohibited from posting to the Website:

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You are responsible for damages we may face as a violation of the restrictions, or harm as a result of the content posted by you. Multiple submissions of the same service will lead to us considering only your most recent review to use at our discretion.

We adhere to the policy of ‘Claims of Copyright Infringement'. If a third party claims the content posted on our website or your Submission, it falls under the Claims of Copyright Infringement.

Notice of Infringing Material

If our material written infringes your copyright, please send us a notice to us. This notice will be taken under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and it includes all the information as mentioned above. If you fail to provide us with the relevant information for booking, we cannot be held for not processing your request. You can seek legal counsel before making any claims. In case your claim turns out to be wrong, you may be held for breaking the law.

Please provide us with the below-mentioned details when filing for Copyright Infringement:

• The person's signature that has the authority to act instead of the owner of the copyrighted work.

• A document with complete details of copyrighted work being claimed;

• Your details: email ID, phone number, and house address;

• A statement stating that the claim made by you is in a good-faith

FareObuddy has the right to remove the content which allegedly infringes without any notice and/or we can terminate the accounts of users who infringe any IPRs.


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Our Relationship

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Terms and Conditions are found by a legal authority to be invalid or unenforceable, only particular provisions will strikeout of the same. The remaining part will be completely enforceable and valid. At our discretion, if we decide not to take action to violation made does not mean waiver of the violated terms. Also, it does not undermine our right to take action as a response to the violations.