Car Rental - Damage Management Policy

What happens if you damage the vehicle during your rental?

In our experience, our renters drive carefully and rarely accidents occur. So, car damage is the exception rather than the rule. However, it is critical to consider how we will handle the damage if it occurs.

FareObuddy has created a clear damage management policy that explains how you will be charged for any damage caused to the car during your rental. For additional information, please read our Terms and Conditions carefully.

You may not be fully liable

Depending on the sort of rental protection you purchased, you may not be liable to pay for the damage or you may be held partially accountable. For further details, please read our Terms & Conditions thoroughly.

Types of damage

Damage charges will vary according to the type of damage.

  • ● "Light Damage" refers to any minor damage to the vehicle, as well as the loss, theft, or damage to the vehicle's keys, accessories, or documents, as specified. Light damage to the vehicle includes minor scratches, chips, or dents to any section of the vehicle.
  • ● "Tyre Replacement" refers to any tyre damage that necessitates the replacement of the tyre on the vehicle with a new one.
  • ● "Total Loss" refers to a circumstance in which we judge that the damage inflicted to the vehicle is so severe that it cannot be repaired, or that it would be uneconomic or impossible to fix.
  • ● "Serious Damage" refers to any damage to the vehicle other than light damage, a tire replacement, or total loss.


If you return the vehicle to us, we inspect it in your presence, and:

  • ● If light damage is discovered, and you accept and consent to the damage by signing the Vehicle's statement of return, we will send you an invoice outlining the necessary charges. These costs will include a Light Damage Administration Charge as per our policies.
  • ● If we identify serious damage or suspect the vehicle may be a total loss and you sign the statement of return acknowledging and agreeing to this degree of damage, we will have the damage examined and provide you with the following documents:
    • ○ Vehicle return statement with damage details
    • ○ Pictures of the damage
    • ○ An invoice detailing the applicable charges, which will include either a Serious Damage Administration Charge or a Tyre or Windscreen Damage Administration Charge (whichever applies in the circumstances), as well as (i) an Engineer's Charge for assessing the damage, except for the Tyre and Windscreen damage, and (ii) a charge for our loss of use of the vehicle due to its immobilization.

The Tariff Guide lists the prices for the Light Damage Administration Charge, Serious Damage, Tyre or Windscreen Damage Administration Charges, and Engineer's Charge. For further information read our terms and conditions carefully.


If we discover any damage to the vehicle during our inspection after you have completed the rental and departed, we will provide you with the following documentation.

  • ● Vehicle return statement detailing all identified damage
  • ● Pictures of the damage’
  • ● An invoice detailing the applicable costs, which will always include an administration charge (either the Light Damage Administration Charge or the Serious, Tyre, or Windscreen Damage Administration Charges for Serious Damage (whichever is applicable)), and, in the case of Serious Damage or Total Loss, it will additionally include (i) an Engineer's Charge for the assessment of the damage (except in the case of Tyre or Windscreen Damage), and (ii) a charge for our loss of use of the vehicle.


If you have any questions about the identified damage or the related charges, please contact us via email or letter within 14 days of receiving the documentation. If we fail to hear from you until the end of 14 days, we may invoice you for the necessary charges.

If you have any questions about your damage invoice, please contact our customer support representative at or call us at 1-631-309-0576.