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Cheap Flight Tickets to Caracas

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Santiago de León de Caracas or commonly said only Caracas is the center of the vast area of Caracas, the capital, and the largest city of Venezuela. The main urban spirit of Venezuela can only be understood by exploring Caracas. This ultra-busy metropolis city is situated in the country’s northern part beside the Guaire River that follows the tapered Caracas Valley’s contours on Cordillera de la Costa (the coastal mountain range of Venezuela).

If we talk about this Metropolitan region’s population, it approaches more than five million from which the maximum number of people love its mesmerizing setting, numerous theaters, restaurants, shopping outlets, and museums. Even the most discerning tourists choose to spend their vacations in Venezuela’s sprawling metropolis because it possesses a couple of tallest skyscrapers in the whole Latin America - The Parque Central towers. You can have a view of other skyscrapers as well such as BBVA Provincial Tower, Banco Mercantil Building, and The Twin Towers of El Recreo Shopping Mall conveniently located in Sabana Grande district.


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