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Azamara Cruises stands out as one of the best cruises that offer bespoke itineraries perfect for both onboard and onshore enjoyment. It specializes in curating cruise expeditions with longer onshore excursions, overnight stays and one-of-a-kind events. It celebrates the local cultures where the cruise ship traverses as well as the international diversity of its passengers. Azamara Cruises offers smaller, more intimate ships with a maximum of 700 guests onboard, and access to a greater number of ports and destinations, where the larger ships cannot visit. Additionally, Azamara also offers its guests luxurious amenities such as fine dining and open-roof restaurants, well-crafted staterooms, swimming pools, fitness centres, spas, WiFi accessibility, dedicated entertainment hubs, and more.

Azamara Cruises Highlights

Shore Excursions:

Azamara Cruises travels to some of the most unique destinations around the globe and offers longer onshore halts and more overnight stays. While on the port, guests onboard Azamara cruises can enjoy more onshore time to explore the port cities,

nearby landmarks, indulge in local cultures and history, sample regional food, and take a refreshing break from sailing on the high seas. Moreover, receive dedicated city transfers and guided tours while on shore when cruising on an Azamara Cruise.

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Onboard Amenities:

When sailing on an Azamara cruise ship, make the most of cruising with spectacular onboard amenities such as complimentary gratuities, onboard concierge, luggage handling assistance, coffee and tea in rooms, bath wear and skin care products, packaged water and soft drinks,

hospitable room service staff, self-care routines focused on self-care and wine with lunch and dinner. Additionally, guests who’ve booked the Suites also get a personal butler service alongside complimentary fine dining in a speciality restaurant as well.

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Azamara Cruises is one of the best cruises for gourmet dining experiences. It offers a blend of classic dishes along with regional flavours and an array of restaurant choices. The main restaurant onboard comes with open seating so you can watch the seas while enjoying fine dining prepared by world-class chefs.

Additionally, guests can also choose from Azamara’s boutique restaurants such as Aqualina which offers preparations inspired by Italian cuisine and Prime C serving fresh seafood and prime portions of beef.

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Enrichment Programs:

Azamara Cruises is committed to providing its guests with an enriching experience through live lectures, seminars and programs on the destinations the cruise ship visits. While these are voluntary sessions, guests can opt to receive in-depth knowledge that highlights the culture,

history, cuisine, local practices, customs, art, and architecture, among others. Additionally, guests can also opt-in for other relevant skill development classes in areas such as photography, editing, and more alongside events that promote local milestones and history.

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Intimate Ships:

Azamara Cruises is known for its intimate ships that are small and can accommodate a maximum of 700 guests. The Azamara fleet, namely, Azamara Journey, Azamara Onward, Azamara Pursuit and Azamara Quest, also specialize in providing unique itineraries to ports that the larger ships cannot visit.

Guests can rest assured that there will be no crowds or hassle while onboard and an experience that goes beyond just cruising the high seas. With a warm and inviting atmosphere on board, a journey on an Azamara cruise promises to be a memorable and immersive experience.

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Azamara Cruises comes with luxurious staterooms and suites that are spacious and comfortable for long cruising trips. A few of the common stateroom amenities include luxurious Egyptian cotton linens with duvet, French bath products, 24-hour room service, fresh-cut flowers, tote bags,

skincare essentials, high-speed internet access, flat-screen TV, tea and coffee services, and more. Suites also come with modern decor and a direct ocean view, alongside the added advantages of a personal butler, complimentary fine dining and wines, guided tours, and more.

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