Drive Green, Drive Further with Electric Cars

At FareObuddy, we believe in making sustainable choices that not only benefit our customers but also contribute to a greener planet. With our commitment to environmental responsibility, we're proud to introduce our Electric Vehicle rental service. Reduce your carbon footprint without constraints and experience the freedom of driving farther with our electric cars. Here's how you can embark on an eco-friendly journey with FareObuddy:

Why Go Electric?

Our electric vehicles reduce carbon emissions and provide a tech-driven, cost-effective and innovative mode of travel. Drive up to 400km on a single charge.

How to Rent Your Electric Car with FareObuddy

Renting an electric car with FareObuddy is a simple and hassle-free process. Navigate to our user-friendly website and select your most preferred Electric option. Provide your details such as the destination, travel dates, and other preferences. Select your preferred charging option, whether it's a standard charging station or a fast-charging facility. Once you've made your selection, confirm your booking securely through our online platform.

We Make Charging Easy

Concerned about charging your electric car? FareObuddy makes charging a breeze. Our dedicated stations and partnerships with charging networks ensure that you can conveniently charge your vehicle.

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Find Dedicated Electric Car Stations

Locate FareObuddy's dedicated electric car stations across various destinations. We've strategically placed our stations to make it convenient for you to find and charge your electric vehicle.

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Why Should Your Business Switch to Electric Car Rentals?

Businesses play a crucial role in driving sustainable practices. By switching to electric car rentals with FareObuddy you can enjoy additional savings in the long run.

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Rent Your Next Electric Car with FareObuddy

Elevate your travel experience by renting an electric car with FareObuddy. Enjoy the benefits of eco-friendly transportation, backed by new technologies and innovation.

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* All Car rental fares are non-transferable and non-refundable once the booking is confirmed. Our Service Fees and Taxes and Fees may be applicable. For more details, read our Terms and Conditions carefully.